Why spiritual Therapy?

The therapies offered at MYST Studio were originally designed to help meditators who were struggling with their practice. Whether you are a meditator or not, sometimes inner turmoil is just too difficult to overcome on your own. The basic assumption behind these therapies is that the answers lie within you, that you have a spiritual side, and that by realising this part, a greater perspective naturally and easily unfolds. Having someone hold this part is a rare experience in the modern world and can bring life-changing experiences that touch you to the core. MYST Studio therapists have done their own meditation and spiritual therapy for many years and have had first hand experiences of states like this, and know well how to guide you there.

Besides the getting-to-know-you phase, a session includes very little advice or open eyed chatter. Just like in many traditional eastern medicines, this therapy understands that fixing the symptoms is not necessarily going to get to the cause of the problem. It approaches you as a whole being and goes deeper than is common in most mainstream therapy practice. The three therapies below are the main practices offered at MYST Studio, each designed for different purposes.


Inner Space Therapy

Inner Space Therapy is a gentle yet powerful technique for anyone experiencing a state of mental or emotional unrest which might be affecting their health or their life. By sourcing the problems to the core, it helps you see the layers of protection, coping mechanisms and any barriers to truer parts of your self. You are guided through difficult experience by an experienced practitioner who’s objective is to lead you to profound realisations, ongoing states of stillness, and deep inner peace.

People often find that this therapy works to solve problems where other therapies have not been able to help.

Death Counselling

Most religions include practices, prayers and rituals dedicated to the dying person and people close to them. If someone close to you is dying or recently deceased, and you are looking for a spiritual perspective that is not associated with a particular religion, MYST Death Counselling Services might help. Practices include:

  • Meditation and spiritual counselling before and after death

  • Spiritual readings for the dead

  • Inner Space Therapy to unravel unresolved issues

  • Clearing rituals and energetic cleansing practices after death



Spiritual Clearings

Some religions (e.g. Hinduism and Buddhism) have practices and rituals designed to clean up energetically after someone has died. This type of practice is not so common in the modern Western world and the purpose of it has been lost.

Spiritual Clearings at MYST Studio are designed to do just this, clean up energetically after someone dies. Not many people are aware of when a clearing is necessary or what can happen if left untended. In most cases a change in someone’s behaviour, or an effect on a location, after a death is usually just attributed to the natural grieving process, however, sometimes the problems continue well beyond this period and a deeper insight is necessary.

Unless you are particularly perceptive, it may require a deeply relaxed or meditative state before you are aware of the energetic impact. Inner Space Therapy is just, that and can help you gain this perception. If you are unsure, talk to a MYST Studio practitioner.