WHY Meditate?

Meditation is one of the most powerful self transformation tools there is. It can bring us to great inner realisations. The art of meditation and being still inside is not too common. Many meditation practices are more about self help, positive attitudes and training the mind. At MYST Studio, meditation is about letting the mind go and allowing spiritual parts of our selves to shine through, parts we are not usually conscious of. It can be difficult to imagine how letting the mind go could help, especially when we are so used to operating from there.


Meditation and the Mind

The first thing that happens for most of us when we try to be still is to become sleepy, to think, to be bored, agitated or want to move. Give it 5 minutes and there is every chance that one of these things will happen. This then becomes people’s impression of meditation. So many times I have heard people say, “I can’t meditate. I’ve tried it before and I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. It isn’t for me”. After an experience like this, it isn’t a wonder that people don’t want to meditate.

We are in our minds for most of our lives - the mental chatter, analysing, criticising, self assessing, the perfectionist, the try hard. People around you may not hear it but it goes on and on inside your head all the time, even when you are asleep. Imagine being able to let go of this - just for a moment. Imagine what a relieve it could be. Once you start to imagine what it could be like without it, you also realise that it really hurts to be in our mind. It is possible to let go and be from a completely silent standpoint.

When we meditate, when everything is still. The first thing that you start to hear is this mental chatter. In fact once you start listening it starts getting very loud, you notice it more and it draws you in more. In a flash, you can find yourself lost in thoughts and sucked away from your goal of stillness. Implementing a few good techniques will make all the difference to your practice.

When we die, when our spirit separates from the body, we are confronted with this mental chatter and all the stories. You can get lost in these stories for a long time when you are dead, just as if you were in a dream. There are a few good movies that depict this sort of experience (Jacob’s Ladder, Donny Darko are two examples). Meditation teaches you to be aware of what a thought is, how it effects you and helps you navigate states of consciousness when you need it most.

Who is meditation for?

Anyone of any age or background can benefit from meditation. You do not need to have come from a particular religious or spiritual background and your background does not need to stop you from having deep meditation experiences or states of stillness. That said, it is best to come to a meditation session completely open to new possibilities, without ideas, judgements or expectations of outcome. This will lead to a fuller experience.

Children can respond well to meditation and techniques that lead them to stillness. It may seem contrary to a child’s nature to meditate but once a routine is in place it can have ongoing effects through out their life. Of course the technique will be different for children and adults but eventually even children can keep still and enjoy the experience.



What does MYST Studio offer?

Nearly all the MYST Studio sessions are based on or include meditation techniques. Some may not be ‘meditation’ but are all meditative in nature and are designed to help you with your meditation practice. Inner Space Therapy is designed to help you still your mind and ready yourself for meditation. Death Counselling services includes meditation as part of its offering. Relaxation techniques are a great way for people to start getting into meditation - they are simple to do and don’t require a good sitting posture. Have a look at the Meditation and Therapies pages for more information.

We have plenty planned for people who want to learn to meditate. Keep watching the site as new offerings come online.


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