Meditation has taken on a whole new meaning for me since starting with MYST Studio. I have my own meditation practice that I do each morning and recently started doing some Inner Space Therapy and it has opened up my meditation experiences.
— Jane, Sydney Australia

I wasn’t sure it would make much difference but working with Mina was a wonderful surprise. My wife had brain cancer and after she died I knew she was still around me and needed help. Each session opened my eyes to how much is possible. I was left with so much peace and knew in the end that Karen was more than ok. I would recommend MYST Studio to anyone who is open to spirituality.
— Steve, Adelaide Australia

I feel so different since working with Wilhelmina. I feel more resolved about my sister’s death, and while I miss her still, the pain of missing her is lighter; I am somehow more okay with it all. I can’t thank Mina enough. I recommend her to anyone I know who has unresolved feelings about their loved ones in Spirit. With her sensitivity, clear vision, and a natural gift to help those in Spirit, I know Mina can bring peace to anyone who is struggling with their experience of their loved ones’ death.
— Sharon, Sedona Arizona US

For years I had this nagging feeling in my heart that my mother was very close even though she died 15 years ago. I would often cry for her to the point where I felt her in my thoughts all the time. I asked Mina if this was normal and she suggested we do some sessions together. She helped me to find a part of my mother that had not let go of me and the world. I feel so much lighter now, especially knowing that my mother is well on her way.
— Sally, Sydney Australia

I loved what I experienced with MYST Studio. I started by organising meditation classes for my children. They had so much fun and I could see such a noticeable difference in their behaviour that I organised private Inner Space Therapy sessions for myself. I know where to go to get help now. Such profound experiences.
— Stephanie, Sydney Australia.

I would recommend MYST Studio to anyone who wants a real spiritual experience.
— Kelly, Bend Oregon US