Spiritual Clearings - Sydney

Face to Face sessions ONLY


Some religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have practices and rituals designed to clean up energetically after someone has died. The Spiritual Clearings at MYST Studio are used for similar purposes, to clean up the energetic fall out after someone has died (often done in conjunction with our spiritual death counselling sessions.) The problem is that not many people are aware of when this is necessary or what can happen if this is left untended.

In fact, it is not just when someone you know dies that you can be affected by the fallout of someone's death. In most cases people become aware of the need for a Spiritual Clearing when their mind is very still and relaxed. Meditation and Inner Space Therapy can help you gain this perception.

The reality of spiritual energetic fall out

Firstly, let's debunk the mainstream myths around possession. We have NEVER encountered an energetic fragment (AKA Entity) that is scary. Changes in behaviour are VERY mild in comparison to the movies. The affects appear more as a slightly heightened emotional state or health problem than an epileptic fit or being overtaken by a monster. To help you determine if you might need a Spiritual Clearing, here are some common signs that clients experience:

  • Your emotions or behaviours have changed or become more amplified since a trauma OR since someone has died

  • Habits (like smoking or eating chocolate) or obsessions (binge eating or drinking) seem to have a greater control and nothing you do seems to help

  • Your health has taken a turn for the worse after a trauma OR someone has died and nothing seems to help

  • You feel an energetic lump or interference somewhere in your body but no medical practitioner is able to identify the problem

  • You feel the presence of someone who died, close to your body (like in your heart), or in your house. The presence is most commonly comforting, not aggressive.

Clearing Fragments of Stuck Energy

Of course, not every instance of these problems is caused by a fragment but there is a good chance that it is. Once you know it is possible to manage this situation it makes it very difficult to feel scared by a fragment.

It is simple: if you catch a fragment, you get it cleared. When you have an awareness of them, you can see that they are usually not very sophisticated fragments of astral light. I would be open to the challenge to meet a fragment that can't be removed with a Spiritual Clearing. 

The best way to deal with a fragment is to organise a series of 5 Inner Space Therapy sessions. With a Spiritual Practitioner's help you can explore exactly when it came in and how the fragment is affecting you. The more you know about how it has been affecting you, the great the benefit after it is cleared. These sessions can be done once or twice a week.

Booking a spiritual clearing in Sydney

Then, when you and your practitioner have a good handle on it, you can book a Spiritual Clearing. This ritual is done in person and is probably one of the most profound meditations you will ever experience. There is never any drama associated with the ritual and most people feel a great sense of peace and are able to perceive when the fragment goes. Changes in health and life after the clearing can be significant. 

Even though Spiritual Clearings need to be done in person, MYST Studio has a network of connections with Spiritual Clearers around the world. It is very likely that there is one close to you in Australia, Europe, America and some areas of Asia. Please get in touch and we can discuss your situation. Some Spiritual Practitioners are also prepared to travel. 

One woman's story and the benefits she had from a Spiritual Clearing:

A woman asked for help from us as her partner had died 5 years ago and she was having increased personal emotional problems since he had died. This woman had been close to the man but he had been fairly abusive towards her when he was alive. He died in an accident on their property and she had found him there.

We started with a series of ongoing Inner Space Therapy sessions where the woman was able to explore what had happened to her energetically since his death. The most obvious patterns in her life since his death were that she was attracted to and stuck in the situations that made her feel like she had when her partner had been alive.

She was constantly feeling angry and small and could not get control of her life. It became apparent that she had caught an energetic fragment at the time when her partner had died and that a Spiritual Clearing would be necessary. The clearing was carried out and almost in the same week the woman's life completely turned around. It was a staggering difference that both the client and practitioner agreed was the result of the practices. 


Here are some reassurances about the spiritual clearing sessions: 

  • As the client, you are free to end the session at any time.

  • This is a powerful practice. Some people sometimes experience strong emotions during a session. These emotions are not blocked or controlled in any way and the practitioner is experienced at guiding you through them.

  • Spiritual presences can be experienced during a session. They usually come to assist with your inner journey. These visits should not be feared and are more supportive in nature.

  • Your practitioner is not judgemental of you or anything you share in a session. Your personal information is 100% private, however, if it is disclosed that your safety is at risk, third parties may be consulted for assistance.

  • Sessions can sometimes be done online.