Relaxation Sessions

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At MYST Studio, we know how difficult it can be to find relaxation techniques that really work. You might be surprised to know that practicing to let go can show great results in a short amount of time.

Modern life is very yang, very driven. Most of our daily activity is about trying hard to be our best, look our best, out perform, achieve our goals. How often do hear someone complaining that they need a rest after their holiday or weekend away? All this activity, all this doing, gets very tiring and the effects of the tiredness can sneak up on you.

If you ask most people how they relax, they’d say ‘I do something fun’. Perhaps a hobby, a walk, the gym or a yoga class. There is no doubt that fun can help you to relax but sometimes it is just not enough.

Your body is still focussing during these fun activities, your muscles are still tense and your mind is still thinking. While your mind is thinking there is no room for anything else. There is no rest and no recovery.

You might already be seeing signs of over pushing: your temper is shorter; your body is not performing as well; your mind is less focussed, your sleep is suffering or you might even have signs of health problems starting to show.


Letting Go To Deeply Relax

MYST Studio relaxation sessions are designed to help you learn to let go. The sessions are simple guided sessions with just enough instruction so you don’t have to think at all. Sound and words are used to trigger deep states of peace. There is no imagination required, just an opportunity to allow something else to come through from inside.

How often do you allow time for that? The effects of this type of letting go naturally carries over into your daily activities and soon you will find that your mind is clearer when you read a book, write a paper or whatever challenge you have set yourself.

Getting Into The Habit

Ideally, a relaxation session is practiced at the same time each day. It works very well with our online meditation sessions, also offered on this site. Even if at first you find it difficult to let go, repeating the activity over and over will train your body and your mind will soon learn to relax.

If after 5 consecutive sessions, it is still challenging to let go, talk to your practitioner and they will recommend a different strategy for you. 

Here are some reassurances about MYST Studio relaxation sessions: 

  • As the client, you are free to end the session at any time.

  • Spiritual presences can be experienced during a session. These visits should not be feared and are more supportive in nature.

  • Your practitioner is not judgemental of you or anything you share in a session. Your personal information is 100% private, however, if it is disclosed that your safety is at risk, third parties may be consulted for assistance.