Meditation SESSIONS

Online ONLY


At MYST Studio, we know how difficult it can be to find meditation techniques that really work. As with all disciplines, it takes practice to break through some of the challenges that might come up in meditation, but with a sincere heart you will notice changes in your life fairly quickly.

The beauty of our online meditations is that they are customised to your needs. The session is held in a one-on-one format between you and an experienced meditator. The session starts with a conversation about your past experiences with meditation and personal goals. Together, you will develop a strategy before starting the practical part of the session.

Some of our meditations include sound, but when you are just starting out, a series of simple instructions is all you need. You don’t need any more distractions than necessary. Our goal is to help you become still and the step-by-step instructions will take you there. Most of our clients experience deep states even in the early sessions. Implementing your own personal practice will make this experience normal for you.

Building Your Inner World Through Meditation

Successful meditation is about building a good relationship with your own inner world. It is about becoming aware of thoughts and internal experiences and knowing what to do with them when there is no one around to help. Having a practitioner can sometimes help you progress faster than when trying on your own. They will be able to re-direct you or adjust the meditation depending on where you are at.

At times the practitioner will recommend extra readings or extra practices. A daily routine is essential to helping the mind settle down. Our practitioners will help you carve a space in your life for this important practice. Having your own daily routine is essential to helping the mind settle down. If you loose your momentum you can always return for another online session to help you get going again.

For most new meditators, we recommend starting with 2 or 3 online sessions, once per week. During this time we will encourage you to practice each day between the weekly sessions. After completing these sessions you can review with your practitioner whether you need more of a helping hand or are ok to continue on your own. Don’t worry. There is always someone to help.

Here are some reassurances about MYST Studio meditation sessions: 

  • As the client, you are free to end the session at any time.

  • Meditation is a powerful practice. Some people sometimes experience strong emotions during a session. They should not be stopped and the practitioner is experienced at guiding you through them.

  • Spiritual presences can be experienced during a session. They usually come to assist with your inner journey. These visits should not be feared and are more supportive in nature.

  • Your practitioner is not judgemental of you or anything you share in a session. Your personal information is 100% private, however, if it is disclosed that your safety is at risk, third parties may be consulted for assistance.