Death Counselling Services

Online or Face to Face sessions


Most religions include practices, prayers and rituals dedicated to the dying person and people close to them. If main stream religious practices do not feel right for you but you still want a spiritual helping hand, these services will help you. MYST Death Counselling Services include:

  • Meditation and spiritual counselling before and after death

  • Spiritual readings for the dead

  • Inner Space Therapy to unravel unresolved issues

  • Clearing rituals and energetic cleansing practices after death

A typical Death Counselling session lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours. The content of your counselling session will depend on your relationship with the dying person. Regardless of the content of the session, you will leave feeling uplifted. Reading of spiritual texts are often included as part of the session and the text may vary depending on the background of the dying person.

Spiritual death counselling - tea light candles

You do not need to know how to meditate to engage these services as you will be taught some basic meditation techniques to help you still the mind. 

Once your mind is still you will be more attuned to spiritual worlds and will be able to play a conscious part in your, or your companion's, journey through death.

The practices are designed to help you be more aware of what is going on. NB: The Spiritual Practitioner is not a medium and will not be talking to you on behalf of the dead person.

Every situation is unique. Here are some examples of how clients have been helped by Death Counselling Services in the past:

Where a person died in the last few months:

A woman asked for Death Counselling Services from us because her husband of 40 years had died 2 weeks prior. She was wanting some spiritual support as she went through this difficult time.

The couple had had a very loving relationship and both had done a fair amount of meditation in their lives - the concept was not new to them. We decided to do a set of 10 sessions which included Meditations, Spiritual Counselling and Readings.

Each session was more amazing than the last. The husband's presence became very tangible for both the client and practitioner in the online sessions. It seemed as if he knew when we would be starting the practice and he responded differently each session. At times the woman and her husband were flooded with light as he moved away from the physical realm. 

Where a person is soon to die:

A woman asked for assistance from us to prepare for her mother's death. Her mother was in her 80's and it was apparent that she would die sometime in the coming years. The woman was caring of, but not close to her mother.

The woman did a few Meditations and Spiritual Counselling sessions with a practitioner and became familiar with her mother's presence. She was advised how to bring a spiritual awareness to her mother's care as she came closer to death.

Once her mother died, a few more Meditations and Readings were done with the practitioner, for her mother. It became apparent in these sessions that a Clearing ritual would be necessary. This was carried out too, not long after her mother had died.  

Where a person died more than a few months ago:

A woman asked for help from us as her partner had died 5 years ago and she was having increased personal emotional problems since he had died. This woman had been close to the man but he had been fairly abusive towards her when he was alive.

He died in an accident on their property and she had found him there. We started with a series of ongoing Inner Space Therapy sessions where the woman was able to explore what had happened to her energetically since his death. T

he most obvious patterns in her life since his death were that she was attracted to and stuck in the situations that made her feel like she had when her partner had been alive. She was constantly feeling angry and small and could not get control of her life. It became apparent that she had caught an energetic fragment at the time when her partner had died and that a Clearing ritual would be necessary.

The clearing was carried out and almost in the same week the woman's life completely turned around. It was a staggering difference that both the client and practitioner agreed was the result of the practices. 

Here are some reassurances about the Counselling and Therapy sessions: 

  • As the client, you are free to end the session at any time.

  • This is a powerful practice. Some people sometimes experience strong emotions during a session. These emotions are not blocked or controlled in any way and the practitioner is experienced at guiding you through them.

  • Spiritual presences can be experienced during a session. They usually come to assist with your inner journey. These visits should not be feared and are more supportive in nature.

  • Your practitioner is not judgemental of you or anything you share in a session. Your personal information is 100% private, however, if it is disclosed that your safety is at risk, third parties may be consulted for assistance.

Sessions can sometimes be done online.