MYST Studio is a concept inspired through deep meditation practices. MYST stands for Meditation Yoga Sound Therapy. The vision for the studio is to bring a true and profound state of stillness and peace for anyone seeking it. It is in these states of stillness that it is possible to experience realisations of our higher reality in ways that many people just can't imagine. Having been there myself, I would like to share these states with anyone who is willing. 

MYST Studio is not a yoga or fitness studio. MYST Studio is about meditation. All activities are done with the sole intention of getting you into deeper states of stillness. If yoga, sound, art, voice, or therapy is included in this studio, it is done to help you to reach this goal. At the same time, the studio is here to show you how meditation and states of stillness can be practiced throughout your life, and just how fulfilling and profound meditation can be. When it really starts to work, it is amazing.

I have been doing meditation for nearly 30 years and through that time I have been inspired to practice it, teach it and help people with meditation therapy techniques. I started the meditation therapy techniques first as a client and then 15 years ago, as a practitioner. I have experienced first hand what is like to go through challenging times which gives me the ability to listen to my clients with a deep sense of caring.


In 2016 I started a business called After Life Work which offered Death Counselling services with a spiritual focus. These services have now been absorbed into MYST Studio. It was during a 3 week meditation retreat that the full concept for MYST Studio landed. The vision will take a number of years to fully land and it is planned that the full variety of sessions, classes, and retreats will gradually unfold over time.

I would also like to offer up my heart felt gratitude to my teacher Samuel Sagan who spent most of his life dedicated to developing a school of meditation and techniques for self transformation (Clairvision School). I met him in 1991 where he invited me to join his meditation class. I did and never looked back. I would never have guessed where his style of work would have taken me but I’m extremely glad I said yes. He died two years ago and I still experience his presence, and his teachings as the greatest fortune, greater than any material wealth I could have ever dreamed of.

Love, Wilhelmina