Inner Space Therapy

Online or Face to Face sessions


Inner Space Therapy is a therapeutic practice designed to lead you to ongoing states of stillness, inner peace and a higher sense of purpose. It is a gentle yet powerful approach for people going through difficult times which might also be affecting your health, your life or your meditation. People often find that this therapy works to solve problems where other therapies have not been able to help.

Inner Space Therapy is usually done in a one-on-one format with an experienced practitioner and sessions most commonly last for 75-90 minutes. Experiences during the session can be profound and uplifting and often lead to significant life changes. The practitioner at MYST Studio has trained as a Psychologist but practices solely as an Inner Space Therapist.

Inner Space Therapy is not normal psychotherapy. There is some interchange between you and your practitioner but the client is guided into a deep meditative state, where profound self realisations are possible. People can experience past lives during sessions however this is not the main objective of the therapy. Instead the goal is to find deep spiritual cause for blockages and trauma.

It is important to give this therapy a chance to make a difference. It is rare that one or two sessions is enough, especially when issues have been there for many years. There is no prescription as to how many sessions. It is different for each person. Starting with 5 sessions could give you a good taste for what it can do. If you need a lot of support, perhaps two sessions per week may be required. This can be discussed with your practitioner in your first or subsequent sessions.

Here are some reassurances about the therapy: 

  • As the client, you are free to end the session at any time.

  • This is a powerful practice. Some people sometimes experience strong emotions during a session. These emotions are not blocked or controlled in any way and the practitioner is experienced at guiding you through them.

  • Spiritual presences can be experienced during a session. They usually come to assist with your inner journey. These visits should not be feared and are more supportive in nature.

  • Your practitioner is not judgemental of you or anything you share in a session. Your personal information is 100% private, however, if it is disclosed that your safety is at risk, third parties may be consulted for assistance.

Sessions can sometimes be done online if you have had Inner Space Therapy before in person.