Understanding Your Own Spiritual Experiences

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Spiritual experiences in the movies

The rather thrilling Netflix series, “The Haunting of Hill House” had me thinking again about common attitudes towards non-physical or spiritual experiences.

Why are ghosts and paranormal phenomena so horrific and dramatic in books and movies? Doesn’t it remind you, just a little, of the Salem witch trials, where whole communities imagined a life threatening or evil power within each of the accused.

Non-physical experiences have always been a source of exaggeration which makes it so hard to discern what is real and what is not. There are people who are more on the ‘believer’ end of the scale, and then there are the ‘non-believers’.

The way the TV series showed it, the believers, the more sensitive characters, were constantly being put down by the non-believers. The non-believers compared their experiences to dreams and insisted they were not real.

In this series, the believers were so consistently ostracised that it became a form of abuse. They were being outcast by their family. Each of the believers formed their own unique mechanisms to cope with the dramatic non-physical experiences on their own. They struggled to come to terms with these incredibly real experiences.

As adults, it was much easier to agree with the non-believers and call it imaginary.

Understanding your spiritual experiences in real life

What happens when someone experiences non-physical phenomena in real life?

I have been working as a Spiritual Practitioner for over 30 years and non-physical experiences are a part of my every day life.

When people come to me and shares their experience, the most common first reaction is fear.

They immediately assume that the force is negative, that it could negatively influence their life or the people around them. They might assume that there has been a curse or that they have done something wrong. They might also assume that there is something wrong with them, that they are crazy or even that the force can go out of control.

You can understand why there is a sense of panic. There is not much generally known about non-physical forces and what we do know is often distorted into the most dramatic stories of the movie world.

So with the pressure from the non-believers and the dramatic view point of the horror genre, it is much easier to lump them all into the ‘bad’ basket but not necessarily accurate.

From very young, people are trained to put a lot of faith in the physical world. Science explains a lot of our physical experience. When an experience does not fit into this scientific model it shakes things up.

Even though there is talk of God and angels in many religious texts, once someone starts talking about personal experience with non-physical beings it is not believed and sometimes even interpreted as heresy.

These anti-spiritual attitudes would keep anyone quiet.

In reality it is possible for anyone to become aware of a non-physical reality. If you drop away all the drama, if you stay silent for a while, the mind settles down and thoughts move out of the way.

These are the first steps to becoming attuned to more subtle realities. It takes practice and skill but gradually it’s possible to discern spiritual presence. It is also possible to discern good from bad.

As soon as you react or put preconceived ideas on these experiences, it is difficult to discern the truth. Drop all the drama and it is amazing what can be seen and experienced. Starting to realise spiritual realities can be a profound journey.

Most spiritual presences and non-physical experiences are way less evil than most people imagine. These presences take a variety of forms and with a bit of patience, are easily understood.

In some cases, just by knowing more about the presence can be enough to change your relationship with it. It is no longer something to be feared. There is usually a reason for the non-physical presence being there.

Knowing the truth behind something like this gives you a sense of confidence, a deep sense of peace and, more than likely, a course of action too.

Once you have encountered non-physical experiences over and over it makes it easy to guide people through similar experiences. Understanding what happens after a person dies also helps.

MYST Studio practitioners have this type of understanding of non-physical experiences. They are available to help you and with the help of meditation and therapy it is possible for you to develop your own understanding.

Having a full understanding of your own experiences will strengthen you and your position in the universe. Get in touch with MYST Studio when you are ready to find out more.


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