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A virtual studio and creative space dedicated to bringing stillness and peace to a hectic world.  Get in touch to see how we can help you achieve healing, meditation and stillness.



Meditation is more than just a tool to relieve stress or help you sleep. With patience, precision and persistence, meditation has the power to bring great realisations on a spiritual dimension. MYST Studio offers a number of techniques that will give you a solid grounding in your practice and help open doors you never thought possible. 



If you are bothered by a busy mind or emotional unrest, therapy can help. At MYST Studio therapy sessions are designed to bring you to a greater state of stillness, to help you see mental and emotional unrest for what it is, and shine the light of higher parts of your Self into your being and make it a reality for you in your every day life. 

Online meditation studio - MYST

not sure where to start?

If you like what you see at MYST Studio but you are not sure where to start, send us your questions via the contact form or if you'd prefer to talk to someone, book a free consultation.


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